The war in Ukraine has prompted a massive outpouring of support around the world. Some people are offering up their homes to host refugees, others are organising collections of goods to send to people in Ukraine or neighbouring countries, however charities say donating cash to them is the best way to help those caught up in the crisis. Dan Walden, Unicef’s senior emergencies specialist, says that sending money, not goods, is the most efficient and effective way to distribute emergency aid.

As creators, we can do our own bit to support Ukraine by using the Ukraine colours in our branding, to adding some simple updates to our websites to showcase a banner or button to take you to verified support platform. We have made this very simple for you, we have made a handy JavaScript file that you can include into your website and showcase a banner or button to show your support and let your own users know what is happening and how they can support.

Want to show your support on your website? We have created a simple solution for all website owners. Check out the snippet below on how simple this is.

<script src="https://ukraine.wavey.group/banner.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
UKRAINE.init(["dark", "small", "bottom-right"]);

With a simple-to-use snippet, complete control over how the banner performs, and a global CDN, you can add your banner and show your support without adding huge amounts of code to your website and slowing it down. Want to know exactly how to use our banners? Click here to read the guide.

Not sure how to use this? Send us an email and ask for help, we will update your website for free to anyone who wants to show support.

Made with ❤️ by Wavey in Glasgow, Scotland. #StandWithUkraine

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